About breed

Polish Sighthound truly belongeth to a family of predators, for great ferocity liveth in its soul, which is torn betwixt antagonistic natures of a wolf and a docile lamb. Being a wily and cunning creature, it constantly demandeth respectum from its master, who wilt best know and understand it not as a ruler but as a companion.

Seldom wilt thou find such an eager and fast learner, yet if the spirit of boredom comes upon it, it wilt outfox its master slyly, feigning lack of understanding at one time and illness at another.

So great is its fierceness in hunt that it spareth no effort nor intelectum whilst chasing prey in the field. Therefore in this domain it must be advised sans pareil amongst other Sighthounds.

On account of Sighthounds’ sagacious minds, those only who have brains in abundance wilt adequately serve as their keepers. Should the Sighthound feel superior in wits to its master, it wilt throw its weight about the homestead. To fight against such an attitude is hard and arduous beyond measure. Hence, it is of great importance to familiarize a dog attentively with the world from its early days, so that its inherently wild nature wilt be less conspicuous in the future. If it be nurtured properly, the Sighthound wilt exhibit submissive and well-formed disposition, allowing us to bathe in glory for upbringing such a fine example of the breed.

In no way should it be kept locked like a captive bird, for as a free spirit it belongeth to the steppes and wild open spaces...

autor : Blanka Horbatowska



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